Order issues

This article includes information about:

Reporting an issue with a user’s order

If the order was made with cash or a personal card instead of a business payment method, please ask the user to report the issue via their app directly.

If the order was made with a business payment method:

  • Failed payment issue: Please check the article Business payment method issues for more information
  • Trip issues and lost items: Advise the user to contact us directly from their app, as it is easier to solve such cases directly with the rider. For lost item cases, we are not able to assist further through anyone else but only the verified account holder.

Reviewing company orders

You can see an overview of the rides taken with the company’s payment method in the Rides tab. You may filter rides by month, specific rider or group.

If you are experiencing any issues with checking the rides or downloading receipts, contact us from the Support tab. Please include a description or a screenshot of the error in the message.

Business Account Balance

If an order made with a business payment method ends up being refunded, the amount will be transferred as credit to the Business Account Balance for future orders. Business Account Balance works only for business orders.

  • For credit card billing: The amount will be automatically deducted from the next order placed with your company’s payment method
  • For postpaid companies: The amount will be deducted from the final amount to be paid in that period

Note: At the moment, the information about the refunded credit is not available in the Company Dashboard or Bolt app when ordering. The information will be visible in your company’s monthly invoice or statement as a refund deduction.

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