“In a league of its own” — the first impressions of Bolt 6

Dec 19, 2023

Bolt 6 scooter model reviews

July 2023 wasn’t any ordinary month. It was the month we introduced our sixth-generation scooter to the world. Bolt users in Lisbon, Riga, and Tallinn were among the first to ride it. And now, 5 months later, we’re excited to share their feedback.

Wait, what? A sixth one already?

Yes! We’ve come a long way from our first scooters. We developed our latest model based on what cities wanted to see on their streets.

In a nutshell, Bolt 6 is about:

  • Sustainability. Bolt 6 is expected to last 8 years and is very, very hard to break. Please don’t attempt to do it just to prove us wrong, though. 
  • User comfort. Due to its ergonomic design and front suspension, you won’t feel a single bump!

You can read more about Bolt 6 features in our previous blog post. Now, let’s get to those electric scooter reviews.

Bolt 6 electric scooter reviews

We surveyed over 4,800 Bolt scooter users in Lisbon, Tallinn, and Riga — people of all ages, genders, and body types — to see if they enjoyed using Bolt 6. 

Reviews were gathered anonymously, with personal data kept protected and safe. So, let’s see what they said.

What did riders like about Bolt 6?

1. General riding experience

A comment that stood out was how much people enjoyed riding Bolt 6. 93.3% of respondents rated the general user experience 7–10 on a 10-point scale. 

Here are the exact words they used to describe their experience:

“There was a big wow factor throughout the whole trip.”

“I liked everything. Honestly, I just loved riding it!”

“Great overall! I loved the older models and didn’t have any major issues with them, but this new one is in a league of its own.”

“Now, whenever I have a Bolt 6 in proximity, I prefer choosing it over other operators’ scooters.”

2. Easy manoeuvrability

We promised users easy manoeuvrability, and Bolt 6 has delivered. 85.8% of respondents gave the highest score to how easy it was to manoeuvre the scooter (4–5 on a 5-point scale). 

And here’s what they had to say about it:

“Very comfortable and easy to manoeuvre!”

“It felt faster. Manoeuvrability was excellent. And the ride was smooth.”

“Extremely comfortable on cobblestones and bumpy roads. Super easy to manoeuvre. It felt comfortable and safe.”

3. Ergonomic design

A comfortable riding position was something people complimented the scooter on. 91.3% of respondents rated Bolt 6’s ergonomics 4–5 on a scale from 1–5. Here are some of our favourite comments from respondents, tall and short:

“Very comfortable for a 185 cm tall person. Stable, handles are ergonomic, and the grip was comfortable and secure.”

“I’m very short (155 cm), but Bolt 6 was extremely comfortable, even more so than other scooters.”

4. Smooth ride

Larger front wheels and suspension help riders manage city obstacles safely and comfortably, which was appreciated by 74% of respondents in Lisbon, 80% in Tallinn, and 80% in Riga:

“The shock absorbers are a godsend!”

“This scooter is abnormally comfortable on our bumpy roads. I’d ride it over and over again 😀”

“Bolt 6 feels like an offroad car. It’s excellent on bumpy roads.”

5. The looks

Bolt 6 isn’t just safe, easy to manoeuvre, and easy to ride — it looks great too! The majority of respondents highlighted its looks:

“It looked like a spaceship, and I immediately wanted to ride it 😀.”

“I liked the appearance — the scooter looks futuristic.”

“It looks fierce!”

Riders also complimented the blinkers, the comfort provided by the bigger front wheel, and the feeling of being secure while riding Bolt 6.

But, not all feedback was positive. And we’re all ears when it comes to constructive criticism. So, below are some things our responders weren’t so pleased with.

What didn’t riders like?

Scooter speed limits

Some respondents wanted to go faster on a Bolt 6. So, here’s a crash course on shared scooter speed standards.

Depending on the country, our scooters can go up to 20–25 km/h (as local regulations require), and users can manually limit their speed to 15 km/h. We also enforce low-speed zones in the busier parts of the city for everyone’s safety.

Since speed is a leading cause of road accidents, you won’t see us increasing the maximum scooter speed or lifting low-speed zones.

What you will see, however, is our new pricing model, already introduced in Brussels, Belgium, soon to be rolled out to more countries.

This model charges riders based on the distance they travel rather than the duration of their trips. This prevents riders from speeding and trying to reach their destinations as fast as possible.

Lack of Bolt 6 on the streets

Some respondents wanted to see more Bolt 6 scooters on the streets of their cities.

The first 1,000 Bolt 6 scooters were available in three European cities — Lisbon, Tallinn, and Riga. And we’ll be gradually adding them to more countries.

But worry not! All our scooters — old and new — are designed with safety in mind. They’re all comfortable and smooth to ride. And whichever you choose, you’ll get to your destination safely and affordably.

Just tap the banner below to download the app, and you’ll be all set for the upcoming scooter season!

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