Back to the city with Bolt Drive — 5 tips on making the most of car rental

Sep 13, 2023

A woman and a child in a blog drive car

As autumn draws near and we return to schools and offices, it’s the perfect time to consider our mobility choices.

Public transport, shared vehicles, and walking are all great options for reducing traffic congestion and emissions and improving air quality.

If you want to make your commute more sustainable and your city more liveable, opt for walking shorter distances and choose scooters or e-bikes for longer ones.

And if you’re travelling with others, car-sharing’s your best bet! In this article, we’ll focus on the latter and give you some tips on stress-free car rental with Bolt Drive.

But first, let’s understand the benefits of giving up the comfort of your vehicle in favour of car-sharing. 

What shared mobility has to offer

Cleaner cities and a better environment

Research shows the best way to reduce local air pollution is to have fewer cars on our roads.

With Bolt Drive cars covering 3 to 4 times the distance of a private car in 1 month, they can replace private cars (that are parked 95% of the time anyway) and help reduce congestion and pollution.

Moreover, with more people opting for shared mobility instead of car ownership, space for private cars, roads, and car parks could be repurposed to make cities more liveable.

Less car ownership expenses

Bolt Drive users believe car-sharing is a viable alternative to private cars for everyday activities. And it’s helped many reduce their car ownership expenses.

54% of participants in our survey consider rental cars more convenient and affordable than personal ones since there’s no worrying about fuel, insurance, parking fees, car washes, or seasonal tyre changes.

At Bolt, we believe it’s time to let go of our car obsession and shift towards sustainable transport alternatives for the sake of our personal and collective well-being. 

And if you’re ready to try shared mobility and rent a car with Bolt Drive this autumn, here are our 5 tips to make the most of it.

A woman a a child happy in front of a bolt drive car

Tip #1. Verify your driving licence in advance

So, you’re considering renting a car with Bolt Drive?

Good choice! Bolt Drive’s a car-sharing service that lets you rent a car immediately through the Bolt app.

To use Bolt Drive, download the Bolt app and complete your verification  — all you need is a valid driving licence and payment card.

Verification might take a minute or 2. So, our first tip for stress-free car rental is to complete your verification in advance from the comfort of home.

Remember: you must be over 20 years of age and have held a valid driving licence for at least 1 year to rent a Bolt Drive car.*

If verifying your driving licence doesn’t go as planned, please contact Customer Support.

*Terms and conditions may differ depending on the country and car model.

Tip #2. Use filters to choose a suitable Bolt Drive car model

Now your driving licence is verified, it’s time to select your perfect rental car.

Whether you’re going to a fancy party or a vet’s appointment, choose from over 30 rental car models in the app. 

Our filters will help you find the perfect car to fit your needs:

  • Full-tank vehicles — never worry about finding a petrol station again! With this filter, you’ll only see rental cars with a full tank.
  • Vehicle size and type — a large, medium, or small rental car? Electric or cargo? We have them all!
  • Pet friendly — travelling with your four-legged friend? No problem! With this filter, you’ll see pet-friendly cars.
  • Booster seat — travelling with a child? With this filter, you can see cars with a booster seat.
  • Discounted – Don’t we all love a bargain? With this filter, you can rent a car at a lower price.

And speaking about lower car rental prices, in the next section, we’ll show you how to navigate the different pricing options to rent a car without breaking the bank.

Bolt Drive pets category

Tip #3. Check out all Bolt Drive prices

Depending on your location, there might be 1 or 2 Bolt Drive pricing options to choose from:

  • A fixed price for a suggested route*;
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing.

*In applicable markets only.

Fixed price to a chosen destination

Choose this option if you know exactly where you want to go in a Bolt Drive rental car. 

After you add a destination (or a nearby parking zone), the app calculates the price for the suggested route shown on the map for rental car models near you.

The great thing about this option is that, regardless of traffic, the price is locked in once you reserve the vehicle

Please note: if your trip changes, we’ll charge you separately for the extra time and distance.

Pay as you go

Choose this option when you don’t know where the road will take you or how many stops you’ll make.

Simply reserve a vehicle of your choice in the Bolt app and start your trip. The app will calculate the price automatically based on your ride duration and the car model’s rate.

Whatever pricing option you choose, 1 rule remains — no hidden fees! So, you won’t have to worry about:

  • Fuel
  • Parking fees
  • Insurance

A single price covers it all!

Tip #4. Familiarise yourself with a car’s features before a ride

Once you’ve selected the model and pricing option that suits your trip, locate the car on the street. 

Take a moment to inspect it for any visible scratches or dents, and then unlock the car.

While you’re making yourself comfortable behind the wheel, it’s important to check:

  • How to turn the A/C and heating on/off;
  • Where the indicators and the windscreen wipers are;
  • How to adjust the side mirrors,
  • What navigation and entertainment features are available;
  • How to open/lock the doors.
Bolt Drive child category with booster seat

Look at you, all buckled up and ready to go! But before you do, there’s just 1 more tip or, better said, a reminder — about rental car safety.

Tip #5. Never forget safety in a rental car

We sure don’t! Safety’s our number 1 priority, so we’re constantly monitoring the safety performance of Bolt Drive.

From our end, we’ve made sure that Bolt Drive rental cars are safer than personal cars. 

We only have brand-new cars (no older than 2 years old) in the Bolt Drive fleet. Comparing this to the average age of a personal vehicle in Europe (12 years old in 2023), it’s clear that safety measures in newer vehicles are significantly better. So, you can rest easy knowing your car won’t have any technical issues. 

Our team monitors Bolt Drive vehicles and reaches out to customers if they speed or drive recklessly. We carefully vet users, reserving Bolt Drive for seasoned drivers with a minimum of 1 year’s driving experience.

And from your end, you must follow traffic rules, park only where it’s allowed, ensure all passengers wear seatbelts, and never drive under the influence.

Switch to shared mobility for more liveable cities

Everything we do at Bolt aspires to make urban travel safer and more sustainable. 

Bolt Drive is our latest transport option to encourage city-dwellers to switch from personal cars — which clog city space — to shared mobility.

For your next trip or commute, switch to Bolt Drive to make your city more liveable for all.

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