Data Science

Data scientists support Product and Engineering teams by designing experiments, implementing predictive models, and mathematically optimising resources. We also build computer vision and natural language processing applications. We have substantial internal tooling from the Model Lifecycle team to allow data scientists to gather and label data and train and deploy the models on a global scale.

Our teams

Fraud (Platform)
Capturing credit card fraud is an uphill battle of fraudsters constantly adapting and using stolen credit cards to find ways to get free rides. However, our fraud rules engine and machine learning models can capture such instances quickly, keeping costs down for honest users.

Meet our people

Kiryl Varanovich, Data Scientist, Marketplace

The thing I enjoy most about Bolt is the variety and complexity of the problems at hand. The scale of these problems is enormous, and even a 1% improvement translates into a vast and meaningful impact.

Kiryl Varanovich
Data Scientist, Marketplace
Elizaveta Lebedeva, Senior Data Scientist, Fraud

One thing that motivates me at Bolt is that data scientists are actively involved in the decision-making process. We continuously experiment with models and approaches, find the best solutions, and propose our ideas to the Product teams. Data scientists are part of the planning process and suggest new directions.

Elizaveta Lebedeva
Senior Data Scientist, Fraud

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