The Delivery team helps customers discover what they want to order from Bolt Food and Bolt Market. We partner with providers and couriers to track the meal or grocery journey and ensure its timely delivery. We're building reliable, secure, and highly available engineering solutions for a rapidly-growing logistic platform that enables millions of orders per day globally.


The Provider domain mainly focuses on building a strong business with providers — restaurants and grocery stores. The team’s mission is to give our providers the right tools to list their products on Bolt’s platform, be able to keep the information updated, and get an overview of their performance.

Provider Menu

The Provider Menu team keeps our restaurants' and supermarkets' menus updated at a reasonable cost. We make it easy for providers to manage their menus so that our clients can access our platform's most accurate list of products. We work with businesses of different sizes: from small restaurants with 10-dish menus to markets with thousands of items with descriptions and pictures. We're creating technical solutions for real customer problems while avoiding scalability and consistency issues in a distributed system.

Provider Integrations

The Provider Integrations team is part of the business-to-business stream of Bolt Food. Our main goal is to enable third-party developers to interact with our core services using our public API. The primary added value lies in enabling new business via third-party provider apps with multiple integrations in one tablet or allowing big restaurant chains to integrate with Bolt Food directly from their in-house systems.

Provider Lifecycle

Our team is responsible for the lifecycle of restaurants and stores operating on our platform, from onboarding to supporting them via operations support or self-service. We create visibility over Bolt’s provider funnel, enabling us to make data-driven business decisions, such as decisions related to increasing or decreasing commissions.

Provider App

Our purpose is to provide vendors with smooth operations and decreased hardware costs through our Provider app. Thanks to us, provider vendors can manage their side of Bolt Food orders and act as a gateway for enabling new client-facing features such as preparation time accuracy, pickup orders, and cash payments.


The Eater domain's mission is to provide an excellent experience in finding just the right restaurant and dish, and proceeding with checkout as quickly and conveniently as possible while supporting other cross-functional engineering teams within the Delivery group.

Eater App

The team is responsible for developing the Eater application on the UI side (both iOS & Android) and user authentication/management on the back-end side. We handle everything from platform/core related to the food delivery business to allow other teams to focus purely on developing features.

Eater Order

The Eater Order team is composed of backend developers who support the development of the Delivery Order system — a critical central point in the Food Delivery Backend Infrastructure. Our team is responsible for the lifecycle of an order — from the moment the user creates it to when it's delivered.

Eater UI Core

Our goal is to enable other cross-functional Food Delivery teams to move fast and create efficient product solutions. We do it by building various internal tools and libraries, creating scalable underlying architecture in all frontend applications and maintaining core systems. We’re driving technical excellence across the UI stack by ensuring we’re always at the cutting edge of what the current ecosystem offers.

Eater Basket

The Eater Basket team’s mission is to make the experience of adding items to the basket and proceeding with checkout as quick and convenient as possible. Being a cross-functional team, we’re working on the native apps (written in React Native) and the back-end microservices.

Eater Discovery

Our team’s objective is to make the experience of finding just the right restaurant and dish as fast and convenient as possible. Being a cross-functional team, we’re working on the native apps (written in React Native) and the back-end microservices, which rely heavily on ElasticSearch.

Delivery Courier

The Delivery Courier teams are building client applications, APIs, and backend services for Bolt’s eaters, courier partners, restaurant partners, and company-owned dark stores.

Bolt Market Supplier Chain

The Bolt Market Supplier Chain team’s main goals are accurate consumption forecasts, cost and logistics calculations, and automation of interaction with suppliers.

Delivery Groceries

The Delivery Groceries teams are focused on building software that manages Bolt stores — our goal is to have an accurate overview of what we have in stock, where, and why. We're working on a domain of microservices, a mobile application for automating in-store procedures, and a web portal for process control and monitoring.


Our team dynamically auto-detects pairs of orders which could be carried simultaneously to avoid multiple couriers travelling redundantly multiple times. Thanks to us, couriers travel shorter overall distances and have higher earnings per order.

Courier Matching Efficiency

We trade-off between dispatching nearby busy couriers or further away free ones based on the probabilistic future scheduling information on what they will likely do next. We optimise courier orders per hour, earnings, travel routes, and efficiency metrics for thousands of partners daily by deploying improved planning algorithms to production.

Courier App

Our team owns everything related to the Courier App, such as releases, delivery fleets, courier accounts, fraud prevention, earnings settings, and timing to name a few.

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